Saturday, February 4, 2012

Whitehorse "progression" Vinyl and Review

Doom, Dooom, Doooooom! Get the idea? This is what best describes Whitehorse's newest, entitled "progression". This is one hell of a slab of cavernous sounding, sludgy, guessed it, doom. "Progression" crawls along at a slow and steady pace, with deep bass-y tones and deep, growling,  reverb soaked vocals, with only a brief foray into a higher pitched, blackened, vocal styling. The guitar tone is super sludgy, sometimes similar to Thou minus any harmonic parts or interludes. This record just keeps grinding away, the tempo is almost constant. The bass is very hypnotic, very similar to the groov-ish bass on the first High on Fire album at times. What I found to be a major plus were the samples that frequently accompanied the other instruments, mostly bits that sounded like cables of bridges snapping and buildings crumbling in the distance, increasing the feeling that this album represents a great decay or a collapse of the society that we know today, a true album for the post-apocalypse!  Overall "progression" holds a similar pace throughout, without any melodic parts or solos. The one exception would be the final track, "remains unknown", the guitar work brings to mind a more death/doom sound rather than sludge. 
  If you like your doom very sludgy with slight nods to slow death and experimental metal, or if you like music that sounds like the world in a post nuclear war state, Whitehorse may have written just what you're looking for. 

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500 copies, either black or black/blue vinyl on At A Loss Recordings
Mixed and Mastered by James Plotkin
Band Origin: Australia
Sample track:
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