Monday, January 30, 2012

Morne "untold wait"

record and short review...

With an upcoming look at Morne's newest album "asylum"imminent, I figured that a quick word about their previous work couldn't hurt!

 "Untold Wait" could quite possibly be one of my favorite records that I've jammed to lately, what a ripper of an album, though it doesn't necessarily start out that way. It begins with a long intro, that pulsates along for some time, but at no point did I ever lose interest or feel bored. All the instruments, violins and cellos included, add enough layers to really keep my brain entertained. Finally at probably 8 minutes in, the intro kicks out into the second track with some fast paced guitar work and drumming, bringing to mind equal parts Integrity, Hellshock, and Amebix, though at no point does Morne ever get thrashy.  From here on out the album is very consistent, filled with fast crusty fury, mingled with Neurosis-esque interludes and atmosphere.  Never did the gruff vocals come off as abrasive, and though this album is pretty crusty, I'd say the production value is pretty similar to recent Neurosis releases, clean, yet not too clean. All in all "untold wait" is an extremely solid release. A word of advice: I'd invest in it before the record sells out, especially considering that Morne has recently signed to Profound Lore.
It's available from a handful of distro's for a very good price (usually $12.00 or so).

Band Origin: Boston
Check out Morne's site/merch at:
Check out a track here:

The vinyl of "Untold Wait" was released by Feral Ward records, comes in a heavy stock sleeve/jacket on 180gram vinyl.

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