Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome, to thy lair! Prepare to have your eyes and ears pulverized with perverted knowledge and opinion as I, the Sexromancer comment on records, bikes, beer, art, and whatever the hell else I can think up whilst sitting in my crazy sex dungeon. I will be making posts as often as I can.

**With information that you may feel is important to my dungeon activities please email: .  Read on...

+++Disclaimer: I'm weird as shit, as a matter of fact, I have my own type of humor entitled "frumor". It's a special type of humor that, though plain to the eye, is made entirely up of fathomless complexities. This may frighten some folk, at which your gut reaction may be to write me and tell me that I'm a nut bag, or something along those lines...Just saying'.+++

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